MSD OSCAR Accreditation
(Previously MSD OSCAR Approval)

The OSCAR sector is not governed by any specific regulations. An operator of an OSCAR service must however comply with relevant legislation such as the Health and Safety in Employment Act, Employment Relations Act, Vulnerable Children Act, Privacy Act etc.

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) Accreditation Standards for OSCAR services are a set of operating requirements which are in place over a large proportion of the OSCAR sector. The requirements for OSCAR in the MSD standards include:

  • Staffing ratios and minimum staffing levels, age requirements etc.
  • Employment requirements including background checking and police vetting
  • Health and safety requirements including emergency procedures and risk assessment
  • Enrolment, attendance and sign in/out procedures
  • Procedures to ensure children arrive safely from school to the programme

Link to the full MSD standards

MSD Accreditation is not compulsory, however parents who wish to apply for Work and Income OSCAR Fee Subsidy* (explained further here) must enrol their child/ren in a service that has completed the MSD Accreditation process: sometimes referred to as "OSCAR Approval" or "MSD Approval".

Another benefit for OSCAR providers that complete the accreditation process is the reassurance to parents that appropriate polices and systems are in place and have been checked by an external body. MSD Accreditation is also a requirement for OSCAR services that receive operating grants from the Ministry of Social Development.  (More information further below.)

The Accreditation Process

To become an MSD Accredited OSCAR service, an organisation has to demonstrate that it complies with the MSD Level 3 Social Sector Accreditation Standards, including the Specialist OSCAR Standard. A written policy manual and various other documents are sent to MSD. An assessor will review the documents, make contact and visit the service to meet with management and check the facilities. Once the assessor is satisfied that the service meets all the standards, documentation is issued confirming this. The accreditation is typically valid for 3 years.

More information on the accreditation process can be found at the Ministry of Social Development OSCAR Accreditation page.

Use this link to find out more about starting up a new OSCAR service.

There is a significant amount of work involved in obtaining the accreditation and it can be difficult to know where to start. We strongly recommend that you first download and review the MSD Standards and check that your organisation could realistically meet these. There is nothing preventing you from delaying the Accreditation process until the service has been up and running. You might find another link useful as it covers some of the basic paperwork and systems that you should have in place, even if you don’t get MSD Accreditation.

Some other early steps in preparing for accreditation might include

  • Confirm that the facility complies with relevant building codes
  • Check that the building and facilities are safe and suitable for children’s use
  • Register for police vetting and start the required staff screening processes
  • Seek appropriate guidance on important policy areas such as child protection, enrolment procedures and duty of care
  • Confirm key staff in programme and/or administrative roles and organise suitable inductions, including an overview of the MSD requirements
  • Develop key staff documents such as job descriptions and a code of conduct
  • Prepare essential forms, including enrolment, registers, accident/incidents and risk assessments.
  • Set up bank account and basic income and expenditure records for the service

If you need further assistance with preparing for MSD Accreditation, please make contact with the Regional OSCAR networks.


The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) provides contract-based funding for over 700 OSCAR services. These funds are fully committed and at present there are no opportunities for new services to access this funding.

If your programme has a current MSD contract, please note that contracts usually come up for renewal in April each year and it is essential to ensure MSD are notified if any contact information or the location of your programme will be changing.

MSD Contact:

Guidelines for Change of Ownership for MSD-contracted OSCAR providers.

Some additional information is available at the MSD OSCAR Funding web page.

"OSCAR Approval"
How our sector standards have evolved over 2 decades

The MSD OSCAR Standards were introduced in 1999. They were originally called the “Child, Youth and Family Guidelines for Approval for OSCAR Services” and any parent who wished to access the OSCAR Fee Subsidy had to use a service that was approved under these guidelines.

In 2002, grant funding for OSCAR services was made available through the Ministry of Social Development. To access funding, organisations had to meet a range of criteria, including CYF Approval. This stimulated a steady increase in the number of approved services.

"CYF Standards" and "CYF Approval" were terms used until 2012, when the Approvals team moved from CYF to MSD. The process and standards remained essentially unchanged and was usually called "OSCAR Approval" or “MSD Approval”.

The OSCAR Standards were substantially revised in 2011 and in 2016 they were replaced by the MSD Level 3 Social Sector Accreditation Standards, and an additional specialist standard for OSCAR services. The term "Approval" has mostly been dropped from use by MSD, which now refers to the process as "MSD Accreditation."

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A service must be "OSCAR Approved" (hold current MSD Accreditation) if parents want to access OSCAR Fee Subsidy when attending that service. All OSCAR Programmes that have MSD OSCAR funding contracts are required to be "OSCAR Approved".

"OSCAR Approval" (now called "MSD Accreditation"), OSCAR funding contracts and OSCAR Fee Subsidy are each administered by different agencies within the Ministry of Social Development. 


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