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Essential Information:

The OSCAR Driver's Handbook

The OSCAR Water Safety Handbook

Holiday Programme Survival Guide

Cool ideas

Block colour creations

Thanks to Gladstone Primary Holiday Programme for this one. Start with a simple colour scheme and then let the kids be creative.

Some buttons and bits were scavanged by the kids from home. Older kids worked on canvas, youngers on card.

For more Arts and Craft ideas check out our new craft page

Shredding coconut at Otahuhu Town Hall Holiday Programme. 

The first stage towards making a bowl from the shell.

Kiwi Bubble Soccer at Kids After School Care, Pukekohe
(short video if you click on the image)

Great idea from Oasis After School, Beachlands, to give to parents so they always have your contact details on hand.

Oasis Key Tags

How do you ensure are up to date with day to day programme essentials? Whangaparoa School uses a whiteboard. Good idea!

Whangaparoa School


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