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The OSCAR Driver's Handbook

The OSCAR Water Safety Handbook

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you had all the staff, time and resources you needed to make your OSCAR service as awesome as you know it could be….. It’s nice to dream, but when you wake up there’s still a whole list of things you want to get done and maybe not many people around you who can help.

First things first… who can you call on? Many OSCAR services have reached out and formed productive working relationships with other OSCARs in their area. There is nothing like support, encouragement and helpful tips from a colleague. Have you thought about who is around you? Some regions have active OSCAR provider networks and this is a good place to start meeting people and making contacts.

We can’t encourage you enough to make these kinds of links. Your OSCAR support bodies are also very happy to hear from you when you need some advice or just someone to bounce ideas off.

We feel that the best way to compliment this local networking is to provide “essential guides” that we can see a need for, based on the enquiries we get and areas where we can see a lack of good quality, OSCAR-specific advice and guidance.

Water safety and transportation are two areas that consistently come to our attention. They are also at the higher-risk end of the activities that OSCAR services might undertake and so these are the first of several resources we are planning to publish.

Where there is a need to review your operating procedures, or new staff are coming on board, we hope these guides will give you a clear, complete overview of the key points to cover – information we have condensed down from many years’ of experience in training and supporting OSCAR service operators and their staff.

For more new and updated resources, you could try the OSCN resources page.

The OSCAR Water Safety Handbook

POOL SAFETY IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS. This resource helps you get all staff who are supervising water activities on the same page and focussed their responsibilities.

The Handbook is designed for inducting any staff member who require to supervise children in the water. It includes essential information on risks and hazards, supervision strategies and how to get ready for a pool session. There is a checklist at the end that you can use for observing the staff member on duty and then sign off as evidence of proper induction for complaince with health and safety legislation.

An additional Supervisor's Guide gives a more complete overview of water safety requirements. This document includes guidelines for public pools and beach swimming.

The OSCAR Water Safety Handbook (extract)

A full version of the handbook and comprehensive water safety resources are at the OSCN web-site.


The OSCAR Driver's Handbook

If you have staff driving for your programme, it is essential that they understand "best practice" and professional requirements. This includes not only safe driving practices but also being aware that they are representing your programme each time they go out in the community in the driving role.

This Handbook will give you a ready-to-use induction tool for your drivers that explains the essentials of being a responsible driver and managing pick ups. There is a check list that can be used to observe a driver and then signed off as evidence of your induction process and supervision of their driving ability.

It is recommended that you also download the accompanying supervisor notes, which explains how the Handbook can be used.

The OSCAR Driver's Handbook (extract)

A full version of the handbook is at the OSCN web-site.

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