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South Island Training

South Island Training Dates at the OSCAR Network website.

North Island Training

For information please visit the OSCN Auckland website

Working Together (Child Protection) Seminars

South, Central and Auckland region dates for courses being run for CYF by Child Matters

Tuning in to Children
A unique training opportunity specifically for OSCAR
Available NOW for

Increase the connectedness of your team and build confidence in leading and initiating activities with children.

Tune your staff into your children, each other and your programme culture.

FUN and 100% interactive, hands-on learning.

Tuning in to Children (flier)

This workshop can be held in your area soon. All that is needed is a suitable facility and participation of staff from at least three different programmes in your area. Please contact OSCN for further information.

Core competencies

What would you consider to be the essential skill set for an OSCAR worker?

Person specifications for an OSCAR role will often include these elements:

Interpersonal skills: relating to others, especially children; verbal and written communication; positive team relationships

Activity and group facilitation skills: experience and skills in particular activity areas; managing groups; resolving conflict; promoting a positive social environment; problem-solving – “thinking on your feet”, resourceful, creative and flexible approach to activities and programmes.

Child-focused practice: an understanding of and commitment to child development and well-being; effective supervision, risk assessment and awareness of safety issues when working with children

Organisational skills: planning and scheduling; time management

OSCAR employers often talk about being as concerned about gauging a prospective employee’s commitment to the OSCAR role (and passion for working with children), as they are about relevant skills and experience.

Very few people are hired into an OSCAR programme “fully equipped” for their role in that programme, so employers need to be prepared for an induction process that introduces the new staff member to how this particular programme operates.

More Resources

Find more useful resources for staff induction, job descriptions etc at OSCN's Employment Tool Box.


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